Saturday, January 31, 2015

Two Finishes in One Day!

The first finish was the baby quilt for the shower next week - completed one whole week ahead of schedule. I put the binding on this morning, stuck it in the washer, and went to Dagorhir practice. The only thing missing now is a label.

I even pieced the backing from leftover quilt fabrics and some pink that I didn't think I'd use for anything else.

Here are some closeups of the quilting!

The second finish was the Penguin Family cross stitch project. I had to get my brakes fixed a couple days ago and got most of the remainder done while waiting for my car. The rest was easy to knock out this evening.

Oh boy, now I really want a new start but I think I'm going to be good and try to pull out one of my UFOs that I haven't worked on in a while. If I pick the right one, it will almost be like a new start.


  1. Congratulations on your finishes! The cross stitching project is simply amazing! And I really like the quilting motif you did on the baby quilt!
    Thanks for linking up at MOP Monday ;)

  2. Well don on your 2 finished 👍
    They look amazing 😊
    I just took a peeck at your wips
    They are all lovely, butterfly is the one who is allso nearly finished
    So i would pick that one, after finishing that one you deserve a new start 😜
    2 wips gone 1 new start in so the amount of wips will go down thats how i went down from 8 to 5
    Well i am curious witch wip,ufo or new start you pick

  3. Wow two amazing finishes. Well done you. I absolutely adore that quilt it looks so amazing.

  4. The quilt is gorgeous. :) Congrats on finishing the penguins. You were so close. Yey for new old projects. It feels nice to be able to move on.

  5. great finishes! Love the pinquins

  6. Congrats on the finishes. That's a great baby quilt.