Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Some Stabilization Required

I *mostly* finished another AotH quilt block but I'm none too happy with it. Silly me, I went against all the recommended procedures and did not use a stabilizer for the satin stitching. Now I have puckers and whatnot and am debating remaking the block at some point.

The appropriate stabilizer has been ordered and will come out of my quilt SFS budget. Thus, this quilt is on hold until the stabilizer is received.

I have rotated out Magnificent Wizard as of Sunday evening.

At last update
As of 01/11/2015
And rotated in Butterfly Profusion

At Last Update
As of 01/14/2015
I also found a website that sells the fractal patterns I've been admiring on Amazon for a while. However, I simply bookmarked them for future reference and moved on. I really wanted to pick them up, but things look a little different when you are keeping to a budget. (Thank you Stitch From Stash!) I may need a new start to soothe startitis I can feel cropping up but the good news is that I have plenty of those available.

Lastly, I have made a little headway on the quilt for the new baby in the family. I have only about three more weeks before this needs to get done. This is the little tiny corner of the quilt.

I happily discovered that I have enough blocks to make this bigger than I originally thought, so we're looking at something between a crib size and lap size when I'm done. A "lib" size, I suppose, since I don't want to call it a "crap" size. ;)


  1. LOL I like both names of the quilt. Nice progress on both pieces Kaelyn.


  2. The butterflies are really coming along :)
    The fractal patterns are amazing, I'm stitching two of them and have more kitted up. I wish I had time to stitch more of them but my HAEDs take up most of my stitching time and budget.