Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Baby in the Family

I just received an invite to a baby shower for one of Jack's cousins. This means another quilt needs to be done in record time. I have about a month. I'm also guessing that they are going to have a girl, because the invitation was pink,

After assessing the pile of UFO's and WIP's, I determined that I didn't have one already started that would work. Most of those have intended homes already and some I want to keep. Since I only have a month, I needed something simple and easy. Additionally, I needed to pull from my stash as much as possible, because I am extending my Stitch from Stash participation to my quilting stash (exact details of this to follow in a later post).

I spent the morning poking around online, raiding my stash, and eventually came up with a solution.

Sophie Car Seat Quilt at Moda Bakeshop
 This quilt pattern is available for free at the Moda Bakeshop, is designed to work with charm packs, and meets my requirements for easy, fast, and stash capable. I wasn't sure I would be able to find sashing fabric in my stash as I don't keep background/backing fabric around, but sure enough, I found some plain white.

 It is a small quilt (25" x 30") so I'll have to make it bigger than the pattern suggests. My usual method is to cut up all of my selected fabric and see how much I can get out of what I have, so no predictions on finished size. Not very well planned, I know, but those of us that are stash-busting can't be too picky.

Fabric selections for new quilt
While digging through my stash I did realize that there are a lot of fabrics in there that I don't know where they came from and may never use. Calico prints and old fashioned florals. There may be a large destashing project coming up in the future. I'm going to start working with the sewing group at my church to make quilts for God's Helping Hands and they may be able to use some of those fabrics.


  1. Love your fabric choices Kaelyn. I know you will get it done in time.


  2. What a lucky new baby! The colours you've chosen are really pretty. Good luck with finishing in time for the baby shower.

  3. Very pretty fabrics! And all from your stash . . . perfect! I hope you post a picture of your finished quilt.