Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fairy Tales and Penguins

I found a new cross stitch kit I desperately want! It would go so nicely with my fall fairy and woodland enchantress kits.

Fairy Tale by Dimensions Gold Collection
I stuck it in my amazon wish list. I am NOT going to buy it. This would burn my entire Stitch from Stash budget for February and all the leftover from January. What I would really love to do is save up that money and be able to purchase a material pack for one of my HAED or Tilton Craft projects.

The baby quilt I'm working on is about half quilted. Whew! It is going a little slow because I have trouble focusing on the quilting aspect. That may be because it is hard to move even such a small quilt around the sewing machine bed. I've decided to pick up a pair of Machinger's quilting gloves to see if they help with the fatigue and grip problems. They won't arrive until after I've finished this quilt but I'm optimistic that they will be in time to work on the next.

There have been several good suggestions for names, so thank you everyone! I may draw a name out of a hat or use a combination of the suggestions.

Finally, here is an update on my penguins. I'm so anxious to get this done now that it is only about 600 stitches away from a finish. Only two colors left, the white and the dark cream color.



This project is more than six months old, so I get to count my progress as additional SFS funds. Based on the guidelines on SFS rules, each 100 stitches is worth approximately $0.21, so if I finish, I'll be able to add $3.78 to my budget for next month, which actually may be enough to buy a material pack for one of my mini HAEDs!


  1. In my mind all the work that went into that project is worth a lot more than $3.78! :) I do like the idea of being able to "earn" more stash funds. It's looking good :)

    1. It sure is, but I only get to count the stitches I've made since January 1, 2015. If I could count the whole thing, it would be worth $31.50!

  2. I love the kit that you didn't get. The Penguins looks great.


  3. Your Penguins look great! What a fabulous design. You're so close now to a finish! I love the fairy tale one as well. That's why I didn't join SFS this year, there are just too many gorgeous things out there.

  4. Nice update
    Looks so cute :)
    Dimensions has allways so many lovely kits that my bucket wishlist never ends :)
    But in my stash is allso many lovely kits so i try to be strong because i bought them and they deserve a place on our walls
    Look forward to see your penguin finish

  5. beautiful penguins, love the new kit also

  6. The Dimensions kit is beautiful. I have Woodland Enchantress in my stash. Penguins is coming along so well. Good luck with getting that last bit stitched.

  7. LOL I also love the kit that you didn't buy!!! That's amazing willpower. The baby penguin is gorgeous. I like the idea of earning funds for SFS is that a new feature? It's a great idea.
    xo Alicia