Thursday, January 8, 2015

Maggie Updated

Yesterday, I had to run out during work and rescue a coworker whose car battery died during lunch. On the way back to the lab, we were talking and I mentioned how I'm pretty good at remembering my wallet and I haven't ever lost my car keys or locked them in the car, but I will kill a car battery just by looking at it.

Today I locked my keys in my car for the first time. Ever.  (Yes I'm laughing at myself too).

That coupled with the bone-chilling cold meant that all my errand running this afternoon was effectively cancelled, and that means errand running will bleed over into tomorrows supposedly "free time."

In the meantime I have been working on Miss Maggie the Messy on my lunch breaks again. I spent one break this week adding the gridding, which I wish I had done ages ago. Even with the gridding, the Frog still visited twice today.

I'm hoping to spend tomorrow finishing the black T-tunic that I started for Jack a few months ago. I need to get rolling on Ragnarok stuff. We only have 6 months until the End of the World.


  1. What a great design Kaelyn.


  2. Lovely design but you'd better speed up on the stitching if the world is going to end in 6 months!

  3. Your opening paragraphs made me laugh. I had a similar experience with my husband's checkbook. He couldn't balance it so I took a look at his check book register (old fashioned way, hand written, that's how we roll) and said I'd fix it because I keep a good checkbook register, always have. I got his to balance. The following month, I get a statement for my own checking account. It did not match my checkbook register. Yup, I had messed up mine! First time. I never offered to fix his again.