Cross Stitch Stash

Guardian Angel by LA Williams, Charted by HAED

Mini Autumn Queen by Brigid Ashwood, Charted by HAED

Coppervein by Ruth Thompson, Charted by HAED
Seasonal Montages, Tilton Crafts
Wanderer's Cove by Aimee Stewart - Heaven and Earth Designs
Forbidden Doorway by Meredith Dillman - Heaven and Earth Designs

Mini Anna of the Celts by Dean Morrisey - Heaven and Earth Designs
Planets Align V - Tilton Crafts

True Colors - Tilton Crafts

Magical World by Igor Morski - Tilton Crafts

The Gift by Matt Stewart - Heaven and Earth Designs

Fantastic World by Nadia Strelkina - Heaven and Earth Designs

Water Faery by Nadia Strelkina - Heaven and Earth Designs

Mini Winged Companion by Anne Stokes - Heaven and Earth Designs

Jewels of the Orient by Dimensions

Woodland Enchantress by Dimensions

Mini Spiny Woodland Hopper by Anne Stokes - Heaven and Earth Designs
A Light in the Dark by Matt Stewart - Heaven and Earth Designs

Mini Gypsy Firefly by Aimee Stewart - Heaven and Earth Designs

Aurora by Dimensions
Tiger Chilling Out by Dimensions
Evening Star by Anchor Maia
Direwood by Nene Thomas (Discontinued- HAED)
Planets Align VIII by Tilton Crafts

Triskelion by Tilton Crafts

Mini Asiria by Nene Thomas (Discontinued - HAED)
Fairytale by Dimensions
Carnival Moon by Aimee Stewart

QS Lancelot and Guinevere by Aimee Stewart

Coming to Room by Jan Patrik Krasny

Mini Magic Grotto by Aimee Stewart

And last but not least, my cross stitch books.

That should be enough to keep me busy for several years!


  1. Wow!! Do you have all those great charts or is that your wish list? I saw a few I would like to do myself, but since I am in the facebook group Work from Craft Stash in 2015, I am trying to use what I have. I would also like to join the other group, but I cannot find it. It must be secret.

    1. I must confess to having all of those charts or kits. And a couple more that haven't made it onto the list yet. The other group is not a facebook group but is instead run at a personal blog. Signups are closed for now but there is a second session starting in July so keep your eyes open for when those sign ups go live. The website is

  2. Lovely stash list :)
    I need to publish mine still
    Need to sort out first my stitchcloset :)

  3. If you can bear parting with Asiria, please email me at as I would like to purchase her.

    1. Thank you for your interest, but I own the PDF pattern and it is non-transferable per HAED copyright. Good luck in your search for her, I have heard that some people are having luck acquiring legal copies of Nene Thomas designs on ebay and facebook groups.