Sunday, December 4, 2016

Post Thankgiving Break Report

 Hello again all and I hope you had a lovely holiday. It was crazy around here. The house was filled with most of my favorite people and aside from the minor miscommunications that happen when there are so many people around, everything went very smoothly.

I didn't get as much crafty time as I had hoped but I have no regrets. I spent Friday having date day with the husband, Saturday with my cousin practicing martial arts and watching cheesy movies, Sunday and Monday with my niece, and Wednesday studying for my written Modern Arnis test. The rest of this week was spent practicing for my first rank in Modern Arnis, which I earned yesterday at the test!

While my niece was here, I started this hat and scarf set. The scarf is just your basic V-stitch and crocheted up very quickly in one evening. It used about 425 yards.

The hat was supposed to be a ribbed beanie but the pattern did not come with a gauge and so it ended up being way too big, so I converted it to a slouchy hat and finished it off last night.

Total yarn usage was approximately 650 yards for both. I have two and a half skeins left of this purple and three and a quarter-ish of another purple, so I am combining them to make another set, trying something new with the color changes, a feature that I typically avoid in my projects.

This is a corner-to-corner, and I'm stitching two rows before switching to the next color. Rather than cut off the ends and weave them in later, I'm leaving them attached and slip stitching them to the next row as needed. Its warping the scarf slightly, so I think I need to loosen up the slip stitches a bit and I'll have to add a border all the way around to make it look pretty in the end. A ruffly border should cover up any mistakes.

You may have noticed that I didn't mention Tuesday at all - because I spent Tuesday at home, all by myself, working on The Castle by Teresa Wentzler.

Starting Point 
As of 12/4/16
I did minimal online shopping over the Holiday weekend. I ordered some yarn to restock the charity scarf/hat basket, which will be just about emptied upon completion of the newest project, and a little more yarn for a Christmas present. I will share photos of my new loot when it arrives, some of which should be waiting for me when I get home from work tomorrow. I also did some Christmas shopping, leaving me with only one Christmas present to acquire. Goodness, I love not having to freak out right before Christmas.

The only other thing I acquired over the weekend was a new cross stitch pattern from Tilton Crafts.

Tauriel by Tilton Crafts
Tauriel is one of my favorite characters from the Hobbit movies.

Please let me know how your Thanksgiving weekend went! Did you indulge in the sales? Were you too full from dinner to do anything? What was your favorite part of the weekend? Did you finish your Christmas shopping?

Have a blessed day.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Greetings all and Happy Thanksgiving. I hope amid all the political and social media turmoil that you find some peace and share kindness today. I don't think I've ever before spent so much time in constant prayer for our country, our society, and my friends and family. I pray for peace and reason to overtake the hate and malice in which our country seems to be drowning. There are days when I feel assaulted on all sides because of my opinions and beliefs and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Please remember that you are not alone, that you are loved, and that with love and compassion we can change the world for the better. Be the reason that someone is thankful today.

Prepping for Thanksgiving

With hosting Thanksgiving this year, Jack and I took the opportunity to fix up a few things around the house that have desperately needed attention. Thanks to my father-in-law coming over to help, the garbage disposal and the kitchen faucet have been replaced. I love my new faucet. It not only works, it is secured properly, the hose doesn't jam, and it looks much nicer. Additionally, Jack hung up the storage racks for my essential oils, which were previously scattered all over the house for various uses, and fixed the fake "wood" beam that decorates the family room ceiling.

The anniversary present that my mother-in-law made us now adorns the wall of our family room. Our house is not magazine quality with professional art installations. We choose instead to decorate our house with handmade blankets, wall quilts, and other expressions of love from those we care about.

The crafting things are all packed away as I await the arrival of my guests. I find myself ahead of the game, with an hour or two to spare. Because the house is now spotless, I'm looking forward to a weekend of crafting, relaxing, trips to the movie theater, and quality time with my niece. I will either be putting some serious time into a couple quilts I want to finish up right quick or a cross stitching marathon of The Castle by Teresa Wentzler. I will studiously be avoiding all the insanity revolving around Black Friday shopping. What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching

This weekend I've been working slowly on my Teresa Wentzler piece, The Castle. Patience is certainly a virtue with TW's, given all the quarter stitches and blended threads. I think this pattern has more blended colors than unblended.

I was able to finish off the wing on the right and fill in a lot of the backstitching on the castle.  The castle part is almost complete, so I will likely focus on that next.

I have since packed away all my crafty projects until Black Friday. I am planning on hosting Thanksgiving this year and life has conspired to keep me from preparing prior to now. However, starting on Black Friday, I will have six days off of work to spend however I desire. This includes nascent plans for a Doctor Who marathon day and sleepover with my favorite niece.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

No Nano & SFS Report

How to describe November so far? Between being sick, fighting a cough that won't go away, the whole election fallout, planning and cleaning for Thanksgiving, trying to prepare for my first Modern Arnis test, and the passing of a family member, crafting is at a minimum and NaNoWriMo is only a distant dream.

While I was sick, I started Reflections by Dimensions, having replaced the black fabric with some hand-dyed. I had purchased a couple different hand dyes, desperately hoping for a really dark navy blue but the medium gray blue seems to be the best that can be done on Aida. 

The end result might not be as striking as the original, but I do think that its very pretty. This is a confetti heavy piece that seems to stitch best using the parking method.

The crochet blanket now has more than eight skeins and its wide enough for my bed, so now I've started making it taller. Its actually too big to get the whole thing in a photo on my living room floor. I will explore other photo options next time I take a picture. I'm thinking an outdoor option will be my best bet.

My October Stitch from Stash Report is as follows:

October Budget: $25.00
Spent: $39.87
Earned: $13.00
Rollover into Nov: -$1.87
November Budget: $23.13

We're halfway through November and I've bought no stash despite all the pre-Black Friday sales, so I'm optimistic that I'll be able to remain in the green this month.