Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Goals

I've been giving some careful thought to what I would like to do this year.

Edit: I've decided to join the 100 Day Challenge at Quilter in the Closet. The goal is to choose three things to complete in the first 100 days of the year. The first three things on this list will be my challenge selections.

1. Finish The Castle cross stitch. This is probably my oldest cross stitch project. 100 Day Challenge #1.

Current Progress 1/8/17
2. Keep up with my historical 2009 temperature blanket. The plan for using the painted pixels pattern didn't work out but I've found another motif that I like. These are temperatures in low (center), average (middle), and high (outer) colors. Days 1 and 2 complete, so I currently have 6 days to make up. 100 Day Challenge #2.

3. Quilt the Rainbow Dresden Quilt. 100 Day Challenge #3.

4. Quilt the Scattered Quilt

5. Finish my Confessor's dress. Yes I know you all are groaning at me. This has been on my list for probably three or four years. I can't find the photo of this one right now but I will add one when I unpack it to work on.

6. Clean and purge my sewing room. This one needs to happen sooner rather than later, or the quilting projects listed above will never get completed. 

7. New Ranger coat for Jack - He's been asking for this for a couple years now. His old one wore out completely. 

I think that's enough for now. As I complete these projects, I will probably add more to the list but I don't want to overwhelm myself. These are some major projects and I will be thrilled if this is what I get done this year.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Last of the Holiday Crafting

Hello again friends, I have just a couple more things to show you. Most of these are remnants of my vacation time over the holidays. It took me just over a week to recover enough from work and the Christmas scramble to get productive and I had one or two really good crafty afternoons (yay!!!)and then went back to work. (boooooooo!!!!!)

Anyhow, here it is.

One quilt top completed and waiting for quilting. I love this one. Its baby sized but oh so pretty. But if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you'll know that I'm still a sucker for a good bright rainbow quilt.

One infinity scarf that took about an evening or two. Made with leftover yarn, soon to be joined by a matching hat during which I hope to use  up the last of this Grandma's Attic Yarn (not a brand - I actually recovered it from my Grandmother's attic several year ago.) Its a basic chain stitch, nothing special but its very flexible and light weight. The last few skeins of yarn from the attic have either been bequeathed to my niece or put in a box for donation to my church.

One matching hat for the cowl I finished last week, and I've decided I like this set enough that its my new wearable when I'm headed out the door. The hat I did in about an hour and a half over lunch breaks and while waiting for Jack one evening to meet me for dinner.

Coming soon to a browser near you, an update on my temperature blanket adventure. It wasn't going as planned, so I fixed it. I am three days behind right now, a problem that I hope to remedy this evening. I also would like to finish the purple striped scarf and hat and the current skein on my C2C blanket. Weekend Goals! Do you have any plans this weekend?

Monday, January 2, 2017

A Finally Finished Object

Apparently I finished stitching this sometime in 2015, because that is the year that I put in the signature line. Yesterday, I took most of the afternoon to convert it into a wall hanging and it now adorns our dining room wall.


I used some hand dyed fabric that I had enstashed for the border. This was my first attempt at mitering corners on a quilt and it was a lot easier that I thought it would be. I imagine I'll be mitering a lot more corners on quilts in the future.

Tomorrow its back to work and I really feel like I could use another two or three weeks vacation time. Oh well, I guess its easier to appreciate vacation when its rare.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's and found some time to relax and craft. Happy 2017!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year all! As usual, a new start brings with it hope and encouragement. I might have a new crafty start tomorrow. I am going to begin working on a temperature blanket. 

I've decided to go with the Painted Pixel Blanket by Susan Carlson. I've been drooling over this pattern for a while now and this temperature blanket seemed like a good place to give it a try. I might do the daily high, low, and average, just to make the blanket bigger. A throw size blanket requires 750 squares and is only 50 x 60. Adding another temperature set would give me a 60" x 72"  blanket. I've also decided to use temperatures from 2009.

Other things I have been working on while on vacation this week is the Tiger cross stitch.

 Before I go back to work on Tuesday, I'd like to finish the row I'm currently working on.

I also spent some time on the rainbow dresden plate quilt top. I just need to finish appliqueing the center medallions. This is where I stopped when my bobbin thread ran out. You sewy-people know what I'm talking about.

Finally, I finished the cowl that I started using some of the yarn from my Christmas present.

My sewing room cleaning has begun, but I'm sure you'll understand it when I say that I keep getting distracted by things in the sewing room. "Oh, I should really finish this..." etc. That's actually how the rainbow quilt ended up getting so much progress. I've managed to sort out a pile of yarn, fleece, and my cotton sewing threads that I no longer use and piled it in a box to donate. This cleaning thing will probably be a multiple week process and will hopefully come with some project completions and finding a new home for craft supplies that I no longer need/want.

My vacation time is flying by and I barely feel like I took full advantage of it. I get to enjoy a couple more days of calm and quiet before the 9-5 work grind takes hold again.

Have a blessed holiday!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Post Christmas Wrap-up

Greeting all. I hope you all had a nice quiet, peaceful holiday.

This past Friday I had a painting date with my favorite cousin. We painted snowmen at Painting with a Twist.

Saturday was Christmas at the in-laws. Most of my free time last week was spent scrambling to get a couple gifts finished up. The Slytherin scarf was wrapped up unfinished. After it was opened up, I took an hour or so to finish the scarf while everyone else was continuing to open their presents. I am very relieved to say that it is now complete and was well received. I don't think I've ever had so much trouble with a crochet project before.

I completed a couple crochet hook holders for the niece and mother-in-law.

For Christmas, I received a wide assortment of beautiful threads, yarns, cross stitch patterns, and associated accessories, including a *squee* YARN BALL WINDER AND YARN SWIFT! I don't have any hanks of yarn to test out the swift yet, but I've already put the ball winder to good use and now I have an excuse to find some pretty yarn in hanks. I mean, it would just be rude not to. It was a gift, after all.

Also, some original artwork courtesy of my niece!

Today is my first day to just stay home, relax, and play with some of my new toys. I couldn't resist starting a new scarf with some of the new yarn. The pattern is from my favorite how-to crochet book and is called Very Open Lace. I'm using a bulkier yarn than I think the pattern was intended for and its still coming out quite lovely. I've also discovered that I find it very easy to read crochet graph!

 My week was filling up much faster than I liked and I had to fight to preserve a few quiet days for myself and the hubs. Please remember to take some quiet time for yourself and your family this week.