Sewing WIP

This is going to be my catch-all for all things incomplete. IE,  

Works In Progress

Every crafter has several of these laying around. My stash has grown so great that I'm having trouble keeping track of all of them. They are in no particular order. My inspiration board serves as a repository of un-started objects. As I complete (or start new ones) I will remove or add to this page.

Beware, proponents of procrastination! This page is designed to limit your influence.

Paper pieced stars quilt
DP9 Quilt - Needs borders
Patriotic Quilt
Aiming For Accuracy Quilt
Confessor's Dress
Halloween Twister Quilt
Rainbow Crazy Quilt
Mosaic Raw Edge Applique Quilt

Kona Sunset
A Quilter's Mixology
Affairs of the Heart Quilt


  1. Love your disappearing cube trick.

  2. Love the cat quilts using the snails trail blocks!

  3. I love your Marine quilt. Is there a pattern for it? I would love to make this for my husband who is a former Marine. My son is also a Marine stationed in Maryland. Any information would be wonderful, thank you, Angela

    1. Thanks for your interest! I sent off an email with some details, please email me if I can help any further.

    2. I am sorry, but I never received your email. Would you mind sending it again. Tx(dot)angela(dot)Gibson@gmail(dot)com. Thank you so much.