Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finally, A Quilt Sandwich

I haven't done any cross stitching since Tuesday. Instead, I've been devoting my free time to trying to get the baby quilt done. I did finally get the quilt top completely put together yesterday morning.

I also pieced a backing, sandwiched, and started quilting! I'm outlining each square and putting a heart in each corner using my free motion quilting foot. It means my lines are crooked, but I'm never going to get better at FMQ if I just straight stitch everything.

This quilt needs a name. It looks like blueberries to me, purple and blues, but that seems like a silly name. I am accepting name suggestions!

The other project I worked on this week was garb. I picked up a celtic knot dragon to stitch on the neckline of Jack's t-tunics. Its a little small, but until I buy some software (which, FYI, is way more expensive that I was expecting, so it will be a while) I'll make it work.

I had no idea how it would stitch out because I have no software for my embroidery machine, hence, no image previewing. The designer's website had click protection so I could not save a copy of the photo.

To get around this, I took a page out of the book of my Serger Craftsy class and started making a stitch book. I printed out the details of the embroidery design, embroidered the design on some scrap cloth, added some personal notes, stapled it all together, and stuck it in a page protector in a binder.

I did watch the second episode of my embroidery machine class. I have not attempted the technique yet, but it may come in handy when I do actually start stitching on the shirt. I've decided it would be best to finish the shoulders and neckline before I embroider, so I've set it aside for a week or two until I have time.


  1. Hi
    Love your patchwork it looks like purplerain to me :)
    Never tried it but it looks fun :)
    Look forward to see also some updates from your lovely cross stitch patterns

  2. Love the quilt Kaelyn. I like Patchwork Diamonds or Diamond Jubilee.


  3. I see where the blueberry comes from, but I see raspberry as well. How about Berry Patch? :) Whatever you name it, it looks great. Nice work yet again.

    1. Thank you berry much... *groan* Yep. I went there.

  4. Love your quilt. The colours are fantastic.

  5. It's "Berry Pretty" :)
    What kind of batting did you use? It looks puffier than cotton batt.

  6. The quilt is beautiful. Love the colors. Your stitching looks fine to me!

  7. I love the colors of the quilt! I keep thinking you should name it "Blueberry Pie" - the white criss-crossing looks like a lattice pie crust to me. :-)