Saturday, January 10, 2015

Turtle Trot and YOTA - January Edition

It just so happens that the Turtle Trot and YOTA fall on the same day this month, so this post will suffice for both. For Turtle Trot @ BAP Attack, I am supposed to select ten projects to work on during the year, with the general idea to work slow and enjoy. No pressure to finish. YOTA @ Pull the Other Thread is much the same, only it is just post progress on one UFO for the month. For Turtle Trot, I will post a month's worth of progress, but on the TT tab at the top you will be able to see my the starting point from the beginning of the year and the most recent photo. In the future for YOTA, I will post progress on whatever project is current in my rotation.

1. A Light in the Dark by Matt Stewart (HAED) - New Start - about 1000 stitches done.

2. World Travel Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart (HAED) - New Start - about 20 stitches done

3. Penguin Family - Approximately 3000 stitches remaining. - Approximately 1700 stitches remaining.

4. The Castle by Teresa Wentzler No Progress to date

5. Affairs of the Heart Quilt by Aie Rossman (New Start) - Completed two blocks, third in progress.

This is the most recent finished block, See my tab at the top of the page for all finished blocks.

6. Jack's Medieval Medallion Quilt by Me! (New Start) - Not yet started

7. Butterfly Profusion by Dimensions - No Progress to date

8. Hope Returns by Matt Stewart - No Progress to date

9. The Mighty Samurai by DimensionsNo Progress to date

10. Fall Fairy by DimensionsNo Progress to date

11. Magnificent Wizard by Dimensions - Good Progress

12. Maggie the Messmaker by Dimensions - A little progress! 

So to date, I have worked on half of my selected projects in the last month! Go me! 


  1. All gorgeous choices Kaelyn. You made some nice progress. Looking forward to watching you work on these.


  2. Oh wow what HUGE projects! I have Treasure Hunt Bookshelf and the Fantastic Voyage one, but not working on them at the moment. I love World Travel one!

  3. Fabulous work!!! Loved looking through your projects!!

  4. Great selection of projects. I really look forward to seeing your progress on these this year.

  5. Lovely projects. I envy stitchers that can handle the big projects, I just stick to smalls.


  6. Love all your ambitious projects! I am in awe of people who know how to applique, and yours is stunning!

  7. Congrats on working on so many projects already and I'll look forward to seeing where you're at next month. Maybe a finish with Penguins?

  8. Oh my, you have some lovely pieces picked out for the Turtle Trot. I cannot wait to see your progress this year on all of them. Happy Stitching, Toni from Easy Street Ramblings (