Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Snow Day!

It's pretty rare for my employer to shut down the office for a snow day, but sure enough, yesterday I got to stay home!

At best estimate based on the snowfall of surrounding areas, we were graced with the presence of 14 inches of white fluffy stuff. Just to give you some idea of how deep the snow was drifting, here are a couple photos of my back yard. There is actually a step down from the sliding door, which you can't even see.

We had to shovel a total of four times to keep up with the snow fall, the most recent being this morning before work when the snowplows plowed about 8 inches of hard packed snow back into my driveway. Rumor has it that this was the third largest snow storm in Michigan history.

It really was such a tragedy, being stuck inside the house all day. I made lasagna and pumpkin spice cheesecake for dinner and BLTs and Mac'N'Cheese for lunch. Then, having previously finished what will be my last two handmade gifts for a looooooong time, I delved into some selfish stitching.

I was able to cut out and fuse two AoTH blocks. I was pretty unhappy with how block one originally came out so I'm remaking it. I think I will fuse a few more together before I do the satin stitching.

Then Jack and I settled in to watch some Person of Interest and I did a little work on Fall Fairy.

For future projects, I have plans to use this book to make a couple small wall hangings for our bedroom.

I'm putting off starting them until I get make more progress on my current WIPs. I'd like to finish my ranger hood, Jack's shirt, and maybe a couple pairs of garb pants for him first.

My crafty time will be at a minimum for a couple weeks. There are a few other annoying things I need to take care of here at home and rather than continue to fight it, I just need to settle in and deal with it. I'm still hoping that I will be able to get in 20 min a day for DaGMT (see tab at top of page.)


  1. That Celtic pattern book looks full of promise! Hurray for crafty snow days :)

    1. Yes! I need more of those. Preferably without all the shoveling. I think snow should be self-shoveling. I've had this book for a while and am anxious to dive in.

  2. You done a lot of stitching on fall fairy
    Thats looking great
    I love dimensions they are so fun to stitch :)
    I am loooking forward to see some new projects from you

  3. Sounds like you made good use of your confinement! I know how it is. Back on November we had five feet plus to deal with. Nothing but an emergency path from the side door to the street for five days! And we were lucky to reach the street!