Friday, February 6, 2015

February YOTA at Pull the Other Thread

The YOTA Link Up is hosted at Pull The Other Thread. Please stop by to see what other participants have been working on.

YOTA is the Year of the Acronym UFO SAL. Some participants have one project that they will designate as their YOTA project but I am just going to post whatever I'm currently working on.

This week, it is Fall Fairy. I think the last time I picked this up was right after Ragnarok last year, when I discovered that I had to frog a whole bunch of stitches. Here it is after the unfortunate frogging incident.

Here it is today.  I'm kind of excited to get to the actual fairy part of the Fall Fairy.

By the way, I was rather disappointed to learn that Fall Fairy used to be a HAED chart but that I can no longer purchase it. It was discontinued when the artwork was licensed to Dimensions for their Gold Kits. Want to see how the chart used to look, before Dimensions simplified it? Grab some kleenex, you'll cry, I swear,

HAED Chart

Dimensions Kit
See? You are sobbing in disappointment now at not being able to buy the HAED chart, aren't you? The original artwork was so amazing. I've been poking around on Etsy and Ebay, but I've yet to find a legitimate copy of this chart for sale.

In other news, I picked up a very small Q-snap (6x6) to use at work. I think its a little too small and will be pairing it with my 8x8 to see if that works better. The reason I haven't done much stitching at work recently is because my large projects are a little cumbersome to work with and I didn't like the small project I picked up last June after I finished the Frog Trio.

Last Summer I started Beguiling Tiger, a little 5 x 7 Dimensions Gold Petite kit.

I only got a couple hundred stitches in before putting it away. Today, I realized that is because the leaves I was working on are four strands, tent stitch, on 18 count. Which means that while pulling the needle through, you are trying to get up to 12 strands of floss through the hole at the eye of the needle. Ugh. Double Ugh. The needle gets stuck and slips out of my fingers more often than not, and is surprisingly fatiguing. I had been debating tenting a HAED on 18 count and I will certainly not be doing that now. I'm glad I learned that lesson before I started a HAED.

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  1. Wow, the HAED version was so much nicer, how frustrating! Pretty stitching!

  2. The HAED version was a lot bigger but I think yours is pretty too Kaelyn. Great work project.


  3. I see what you mean about the HAED. Much sadness. :( The Dimensions version is nice, but it's not the same.

  4. The HAED has lots more detail but there's more chance of the Dimensions one getting finished! It's really pretty either way.

  5. Great progress on this piece. Love both veraions of the chart.

  6. Beautiful projects! WOW! What a difference between the HAED and the kit. MAybe you could add some kreinik #4 braid for a little more sparkle in places.
    Great that you found out that your hands don't like tenting.
    You recovered nicely after the frogs visit!

  7. Great progress! You are right - the Dimensions chart is lovely but the HAED chart is totally awesome!

  8. Both projects are really nice!! And yes, the HEAD is just amazing, but the one you are doing is very pretty as well:)