Friday, February 13, 2015

A UFO Finish

One more quilt done. $5 more in my quilting stash fund! This one only needed quilting and binding. The Machinger's gloves that I invested in were worth every penny. I highly recommend them for quilting. They reduced fatigue, increased control, and made the quilting process actually enjoyable. I no longer dread the process of quilting a finished flimsy.

The quilt is actually white but looks pink because I used pink flannel for the backing fabric. I named the quilt "Hugs and Kisses" and it is intended for a little girl at our church who is about to become a big sister to twins.

The quilting motif was freehand swirls, stippling, and hearts. Why hearts again? Because they're easy! And its February, and it fits the Hugs and Kisses theme of the quilt.

Now what to do next? Well, I've been promising Jack another T-tunic, this one embroidered and I've been delaying because I'm not confident in my embroidery skills but I suppose it is time to crack down and get it put together. I also want to quilt the Penrose Square quilt top and Kona Slate Rock quilt top. Did you catch that? I'm looking forward to it!

Update on Library Kittens: About 500 stitches done.

This puts me at +1200 stitches so far for the month, which means more stash money. Soon I'll have enough saved up to buy a material pack for Mini Innocence or Mini Asiria. I've found its easiest for me to count stitches as I finish a 10x10 block because I have so many projects going at a time, so every time I highlight a finished block on my pattern, I add 100 to my stitch tally.


  1. The quilt looks really lovely and such a beautiful gift. Looking forward to your next quilting project. Great progress on your stitching as well.

  2. Library Kittens is so cute and nice progress. Congrats on the quilt finish kaelyn.


  3. Great name !
    The girl must love it to have a blancet with a name :)