Thursday, October 30, 2014

MMMM Week 5

This is the last MMMM post hosted by Pull the Other Thread!

I will continue to work on these on my lunch breaks so plan on seeing more updates but the linky party is officially over as of tomorrow. Its been a good time so far, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone else's minis grow this month.

At final tally, I finished two minis.

I have one almost done - it just needs the back-stitching.

Finally, I have three more starts.

MMMM is going to continue for the month of November over at Justine's Cross Stitch blog. I haven't decided whether to sign up or not but I'm leaning towards joining in. After all, the plan is to work on them anyway.

In other news, I caved at HAED's latest sale and bought two charts. I ---really--- need to stay off that website. I'm going on a stash diet! No, seriously! I picked up Wanderer's Cove and A Light in the Dark.

A Light in the Dark by Matt Stewart
Whats not to love?


  1. I love the puppy!

    I know what you mean about HAED, they just published a chart that's tugging on my heart strings and I have four in progress/kitted out.

    1. Addictive aren't they? I need to retire 30 years early just to have time to stitch them all!

  2. Yay come and join us! You're already planning mini stitching anyway! I'm starting a mini HAED this week...wonder if that counts?

  3. Congrats on the cute finishes and starts Kaekyn. I'm looking forward to working on these next year. Great new chart.
    HAED's scare me.


  4. Love your mini's for the month. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. That HAED chart is amazing!