Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's NANO!

It's here again - National Novel Writing Month hosted by the Office of Letters and Light. I'm already two days behind, but I was able to write ~2000 words today so the good news is, I'm not three days behind. Current word count: 3,441!

I'm totally Pants-ing it this year. I didn't have an idea for a book and so I found a app called Plot Gen Pro and this is the plot it gave me:

"You are in the ruins of a major city. You are a young apprentice. You have two pet dragons. You must prevent a powerful deity from awakening."

Not much to go on, but I've gotten 3,441 words out of it so far!

I started back in on my Kona Sunset Quilt today, making another set of three blocks. Here is an older picture - I'll post an update when I get a few more done.

It became imperative that I work on a quilt because I just gave my last spare quilts away. One was designated for Project Linus and the other (Purple Nonsense) went to a friend of the family who is ill. That's it, I'm cleaned out except for a crochet edged fleece blanket that is the right size for a newborn. Time to get busy building my quilt stash again!

I also have plans to make a couple ranger hoods and ideally, I'd like to get these done before Saturday's practice (all my Dagorhir friends are laughing at me right now). But its cold outside and I could use some cold weather garb. I'd like something like this by Medieval Collectibles:

Medieval Collectibles Archer Hood
Actually, this hood is on sale right now and I'm debating just buying one, but I do want one made from suedecloth and lined with fleece. I.E. something warm. So this will be my November Project 144. I should have all/most of the materials on hand, so I just need a couple evenings when nothing else is demanding my time. Worst Case Scenario: I have a couple days off in December, so I might be able to get something done then.

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  1. I never thought about making a hood. That's a great idea. Good luck!