Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Crafty Weekend

This is one of those weekends where it is better to stay off your favorite crafty seller's websites. Connecting Threads and HAED are both running amazing sales and if you have some disposable income, now is a good time to dispose of it. I'm fighting to avoid extending my stash any further. I failed yesterday when I logged on to buy backing fabric to finish a quilt and couldn't turn down batik FQ packs at half off. (I mean really, who could turn down $3 a yard batiks. That's yard sale prices we're talking about.) but I'm using my Stash Page on my blog to avoid buying any more cross stitch patterns. 

I've spent my last few days cooking food, cleaning up a little, enjoying a crazy Thanksgiving (the munchkins were a little wild), and working on The Castle. I was able to fill in a good portion of both the castle and the dragon's wing.


I think I'm going to try to get a little quilting done before everyone comes over to visit. I've got about three hours. The house is more or less as clean as it is going to get. 

I'm going to pull out this quilt top and try to get it sandwiched. I know a little girl who is about to acquire twin siblings and I think she could use a big sister quilt.

I've decided to call it "Hugs and Kisses" 

I hope the rest of your weekend is excellent. I'm really enjoying the extra time off work. 

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