Friday, November 21, 2014

MMMM 2.3

This is the mandatory MMMM update for this week. For those of you not in "the know" Mega Mini Month Madness is hosted at Justine's Blog this month.

I am sorry to report No New Finishes. Mr. Snowman is almost done, but it hasn't been much of a crafty week so we did not quite get him finished.

Next week is pre-Turkey Day Prep, so I'm not expecting to do much then either. After Turkey Day is Vacation Day. I was thinking about setting a goal - picking one project and trying to power through it. Possibly either a couple ornaments or quilting one of my unfinished quilt tops.


  1. These ornies will be lovely! Will you have them up this year do you think? A whole day of crafting sounds like bliss!

  2. Lovely ornaments, Santa is looking very cute x

  3. They look great Kaelyn. Makes me want to start mine.