Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Turkey Day Preparations

I'm not hosting Turkey Day this year but that isn't stopping me! I hit the grocery store today after work and patiently wound my way around the throngs of cranky shoppers. And then I hit the other grocery store when the first was out of a few choice items. Who knew that strawberries were so difficult to find?  And I'm sorry, but I really need a specific brand of shredded hash browns for cheesy potatoes. This just isn't negotiable.

I think I managed to gather enough supplies to not only get us to Turkey Day but prevent us from having to leave the house on the Friday after. I really don't like Black Friday. Its like a yearly Anarchy Fest. I stay home, hiding safe and warm in my crafty room, equipped with multiple cups of coffee and a snack stash.

This year I'm planning on making;

Cream Cheese Mashed Taters
Cheesy Taters
Apple Crisp
Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake
Fruit Tart Thingy

The Fruit Tart Thingy is a new recipe and I don't remember the actual name of the recipe. I'll let you know how it turns out.

In the meantime last Saturday I stayed home and put together a selection of movie marathons. It took me like half an hour to decide between the Fairy Tale Maration, the Harry Potter Marathon, the Epic Medieval Movie Marathon, the Lord of the Rings Marathon (a 15 hour event that no one should miss!), and the Kaelyn's Favorite Actors Marathon (Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Denzel Washington, and Johnny Depp). I eventually settled on the Fairy Tales Marathon.

With Stardust as my guide, I settled in for a day of laundry, dishes, and cross stitching. Four loads of laundry, one load of dishes, and four movies later... tada!

Mr. Snowman forced me to finally learn to do French knots. I still don't like them, but I can do them. Eight ornaments down, eight to go. Three in progress.

I'm leaving work tomorrow at 2 pm, so I plan to do all my cooking then and have a nice easy Thanksgiving. 


  1. "Anarchy Fest" heheheheheh....too funny and too true Kaelyn! I stay happily at home that day too.
    You must be the Queen of Comfy Holiday Planning! It all sounds so wonderful and I hope you and your loved ones enjoy every moment... Especially that Fruit Tart thingy. LOL

  2. Loving all the ornaments Kaelyn.


  3. Ditto! I bought enough supplies to get us through until we leave to come to Game Night on Saturday! :) Kiddo is leaning toward a Harry Potter marathon on Friday. Great minds!

  4. Cute minis! Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Forgot to add..well done on hitting your four posts for MMMM this month...you're in the draw!