Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mega Mini Month Madness Begins

Today is the first day of Mega Mini Month Madness hosted by Pull the Other Thread. Its a SAL that gives us an excuse to set aside those long term projects and pick up some short and sweet ones.

I decided to work on Christmas Ornaments. I'd like to give a few of these away for Christmas this year.

I picked up the Bucilla Tiny Stockings kit. This was supposed to be my Badon Hill project but they didn't make it in the mail on time. I spent the last couple of days copying the patterns so I could cut them up into travel size pieces and sorting threads.

I have started two of them, the row stocking and the poinsettia. I need to decide whether to start a new one every day this month or just try to get four or five completely finished. 

What I don't like about projects this small is that I can't put them in a hoop. They are 3.5 x 4 inches. Next time I would probably leave the fabric piece intact and cut out the stockings as I finished them. 

I also somehow found myself agreeing to make my little cousin's Halloween costume. I'm not quite sure exactly when that happened but it is now a fact. She wants Elsa's Coronation Gown and cape. We're starting with the gown and then seeing if there is time for the cape. 

I will be using the McCall pattern for Anna's travelling dress, changing the colors to match and lengthening the skirt. As far as the applique, well we'll just have to see what we've got time for.

Happy October everyone! Its going to be a busy month. 


  1. Great start on your mini projects. They are so cute!! Can't wait to see more of these. Wow that is some dress making project. Would love to see how you get on with it.

  2. Years ago I did some tiny projects in counted cross stitch and I used a little 3 inch plastic hoop. It worked quite well. These little stockings have a lot of stitches on them. I'd probably only work on one or two at a time, but not start a new one every day. If I did that, I'd probably start favoring one of them anyway and finish it! I love your work.

  3. Those stocking are super cute!

  4. Kaelyn, those stockings are adorable! Can you fuse something behind the small fabric pieces and then hoop that?
    I miss the days of sewing Halloween costumes. No I am not volunteering. LOL I have no idea how you stay so productive and turn out so many wonderful things!

  5. Lovely projects for the SAL:)