Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I don't like deadlines...

I love to sew but having a deadline takes all the fun out of it. For example, tonight I'm very tired after work, currently debating skipping the last period of the Red Wings game (we're winning!) in order to catch some extra sleep, and the last thing I wanted to do this evening were things that I have to do.

Nonetheless, I bullied myself into spending time on Jack's student loan paperwork (yuck) and on Miss Madelynn's Halloween Costume. I was hoping to power through the rest of it tonight but - there is always a "but" isn't there? - when I put on the shoulders last night and hung up the dress, I observed that it would probably be much too big! Uhoh.

I went over today to have her try it on, and I was right! The length is good but the bodice and waist are too large. I really didn't want to take the whole thing in and lose some fullness in the skirt. After musing it over for a bit, I came up with this solution: I made some eyelet strips and stitched them on top of the back seams.

She can lace them up and take it in up to 5 inches, and then loosen it back up if she needs to as she gets older.

I added the last piece of trim, hemmed the bottom, and that is where I'm stopping for the night. I need to put in the bodice lining, add the sleeves, and face the collar and this little beauty is complete.

This needs to be finished by Friday night! We're getting close. *crosses fingers*


  1. Very nice. Adding the eyelets was a great idea. Now she can wear it until the next new princess movie overtakes them :) I salute your perseverance.

  2. The eyelets were a very clever idea!

    I hope you make your deadline without burning out.

  3. Lovely Kaelyn. The eyelets were a great idea.


  4. It's beautiful! I'm really amazed at what you can sew. :-)

  5. Wow this looks fantastic. Well done on such great progress.