Thursday, October 16, 2014

MMMM Week 3 and Elsa's Dress Update

Mega Mini Month Madness Week Three

I made a little progress on the puppy ornament. I worked on it during three lunches so far this week and yesterday evening between work and church. It is turning out very cute.

Elsa's coronation dress is coming along slowly. On Monday I finished the applique on the bodice and on Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on the skirt.

I'm only doing the front of the skirt and I'm eliminating some of the smaller details. I just plain don't have time to put all the applique on that I want to stitch. Maddie needs this by next Saturday and I have my costume incomplete still as well. Plus I get to spend the weekend with my niece (I'm hoping she'll let me take her to the cider mill), so I've really got to get a move on. Speaking of that, time to stop blogging and start stitching!

Very sorry if you've commented recently and I haven't had a chance to reply yet. I read them all and really do appreciate the comments!


  1. Nice progress Kaelyn. The dress is looking great.


  2. The MS mouse looks cute! Great progress on the dress!