Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

The drive home was nerve-wracking last night. Freezing rain turned sleet turned snow over the course of the hour it took me to get home. I could see the ice forming on the roads.

It was expected to drop 3-6 inches of snow over the course of six hours but as I guessed, the roads were more or less clear for the morning commute today and we received significantly less snow that they said we would. Sadness. Still no snow day for me this year.

Last night and tonight I've been adding some rows to a shawl that I started not too long ago. This is based on the free Road Trip Scarf Pattern by Zelna @ Zooty Owl.

Her pattern has all double crochet but I thought I'd add a little dimension by inserting some half double crochet rows on the back loop. I think it was seven rows dc, then three of the hdc, four rows of dc, and now I'm back to hdc. I will probably alternate four rows dc, three rows hdc, until its as big as I want. I'm planning on shawl size instead of scarf size.

I'm still slowly making progress on the blue and white scarf and the pastel dragon scale scarf. When I am organized enough to take a lunch to work, I can get about half an hour of stitching in on my lunch break.

I find myself a little scattered lately, not really focusing on any one project but flitting from project to project without any real motivation. I'm hoping to settle down soon, as I need to attempt my One Monthly Goal for March if I can ever decide what I want it to be. Anyone have any tips for increasing focus?


  1. I've been that way for a bit as well. Maybe it's the weather? That old spring energy is sure to kick in soon, just as soon as all the snow melts!

  2. Hi Kaelyn
    Great shawl
    Lovely colours :)
    My motivation for cross stitch ;
    Find a space were i will hang my project
    So every time i look at the blanc wall i get motivated :)
    It allso helps me to choose which design i will stitch next because it needs to fill in the gap