Saturday, March 5, 2016

One Monthly Goal - March

Its past time to set my One Monthly Goal for March.

The Year to Date Recap

In January I wanted to completed one AoTH quilt block. This one only needed the satin stitching and hand embroidery.

Results were unsuccessful. I spent most of the month planning the Best. Birthday. Party. EVER. and so I do not regret that I didn't meet my goal.

In February I wanted to finish this quilt.

 And I succeeded but I didn't like the technique or the finished product. This quilt still has no home. It's somewhere between baby and crib sized but isn't appropriate for kids due to the raw edges.

Which brings us to March. I was having trouble deciding what my goal this month should be - sandwich and start quilting Scattered or the Kaleidoscope quilt? Go back to AoTH? Finish my Life is Beautiful block? Add borders to the DP9 quilt?

I finally settled on finishing this pile of blocks. Its an easy goal. Probably won't take me more than an hour if I actually sit down long enough to complete it.

And then I must decide if I want to make more blocks or if I want to use alternating "solid" squares. So part of my OMG this month is to pick a layout for this quilt and either (a) cut more dresden plates or (b) start piecing the top.

What is your OMG?

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  1. Wow Kaelyn, those black & white Dresden's are SO cool! Can't wait to see more!