Sunday, March 20, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching

 After a weekend that felt as busy as my work week? Boy do I need some down time.

This past week I was only able to play around with a few things.

I tested out embroidering leather on my embroidery machine. I'm very happy with how it turned out and am cautiously looking forward to playing with the red leather that I picked up at Badon Hill last year.

 I finished another skein of this scarf. This now totals three skeins of yarn and I'd like to do three more to get it to a good length.

And finally, I slow stitched this crochet edge fleece blanket. I really like how the rainbow yarn came out. It's just a small blanket using some leftover fleece, but its one more thing out of my stash and ready for someone to use.

I had a very busy weekend with an all-day sword-smithing event yesterday, during which I sewed 25 sword covers and added bias tape to a Dagorhir member's surcoat. Today we had church and a birthday party for a friend's one year old son, who was obviously worn out by the end of it but was a trooper and I think he had fun.

I just got home a few minutes ago and I only have a couple hours to relax before I have to go to bed. If I'm not too tired to stitch after a hot shower, I'm going to attempt to work on this Life if Beautiful block next. I'm having a little trouble deciding what colors to make the other two butterflies.

How was your weekend?


  1. Awesome progress on all of your projects Kaelyn.


  2. You have a few nice projects going, love the scarf colors.

  3. Loving the scarf. I've picked up my knitting needles again and am making a chunky scarf. It's slow going as I'm out of practice. Hopefully it'll be ready by the winter xx

  4. Your scarf is lovely and I love the Life is Beautiful block is coming right along. Love the embroidery on the leather and happy it turned out for you. I look forward to seeing what you do on the red leather that you have.

  5. The leather embroidery looks great. that might open up some crafty doors for some Ragnarok kit fun :)

  6. Love the texture on your lovely scarf!
    And that butterfly block is one of my favourites!