Tuesday, March 15, 2016

One Monthly Goal Finish

I "finished" this blue and white scarf, by which I mean that I discovered that the double layer of yarn hurt my hands to work with, as it is quite stiff. I finished the row I was working on and called it done.

The funny thing is that when I went to photograph it, it is stiff enough that it folded into this awareness ribbon shape. Out of curiosity, I looked up a list of awareness ribbons to see if this scarf would mean anything.

I came to the conclusion that I have my choice of meaning, based on the blue and white ribbons. So this scarf is a combination of blue for human trafficking awareness and white for ending violence against women. Seems appropriate. Now that's decided, I've retired this scarf to the donation box.

I have put Library Kittens away for the time being. I far surpassed my goal of 700 stitches last week.

At the beginning of last week

I'm close - oh so close - to the halfway mark for this project, and it still needs a decent amount of back stitching.

Last but not least, here are the finished blocks for the quilt I am working on, meeting my One Monthly Goal. I've decided go ahead and cut some more Dresden plate blades. I think this quilt needs to be bigger and I have a large stack of 6 inch squares to use up.

On a different topic, I've lately been looking around at the craft supplies I have and wondering how long I could go without buying new projects. Not self control wise, but how long would my supply of happy things to do actually last me? I'm predicting it might be years really. I'm thinking of trying an experiment. I can work on anything, with no limitations on what I'm allowed to work on except that there can be no purchases. Eventually I'll have to cave and buy more quilt batting, and garb supplies wouldn't count since I don't stockpile those.

It's nothing I'm committed to yet, just this curiosity that I have bumping around my brain right now.


  1. The scarf looks great Kaelyn. Awesome progress on Library Kittens.


  2. Great progress on both these projects, and a lovely scarf! I sometimes wonder about not buying any more stash, from the point of view that I have many lovely things already I would like to stitch. But then I see something new and just "have" to have it.

  3. Even if you have to buy a small thing or two, it would still be much less costly to use whatever you can from stash. :) Having some limitations can lead us to get creative and come up with new things. Everything looks great :)

  4. Love that you found double-meaning in your blue scarf!
    Fun Dresden's too!
    And I completely relate to using what you have, I've been trying that too. Not always fun, but it is great to use things that have been hanging out for years - especially the large bulky space-hogs! (like batting)

  5. Love your dresdens a lot! I know I could make tons of things with my stash before buying! But like you said there is something we mnight need to go with what we have,LOL I was trying the no buy for Feb and March...I caved and needed a few solids to go with stuff, haha.

  6. Boy are you busy! It is all wonderful. I love your dresden plates. Those neutral blades against the colorful backgrounds are so fun. So charming.