Friday, March 11, 2016

Library Kittens and Loot

I feel like I should be posting a little bit more often, but there hasn't been much going on crafty-wise here. I just completed a 48 hours in 5 days work week and have been too tired when I get home to do much. 

Last Saturday I did progress a little further in my next Life is Beautiful block.

Other than that, my go-to project this week was Library Kittens, with a personal goal of 100 stitches per night this week. I think I made it already to 700 stitches but I still have a couple days to go. It's all approximate of course, since I am not stitching this in 10 x10 blocks.

Since I put in so much overtime this week, I allowed myself to splurge on a little loot. This is three skeins of yarn that I intend to use to make a Juliette Shawl.

I like this shawl pattern because its closed in front. I attempted to make it previously using a heavier yarn than recommended and it just didn't work out. I have picked up this thin, beautiful yarn to give it another go at some point. Instead of changing colors every few rows, I opted for variegated yarn. I know you're all shocked about that ;)

I also picked up a couple more cross stitch patterns during HAED's sale. Two of these are Minis and one is regular size.

Mini Autumn Queen by Brigid Ashwood.
Look, COLOR! I love the COLORS!

Guardian Angel by L.A. Williams

Mini Coppervein by Ruth Thompson
HAED "regular" patterns are getting larger and larger these days, with most of them being released somewhere between 500 and 700 stitches in one direction but I don't really want all my stitched projects to be that large which I why I opted for the minis. They'll be about 10 x 13 inches when done and Guardian Angel will be about 12 x 16 inches. And yes, I plan on STITCHING ALL THE THINGS.

My weekend plans include helping a couple of our Dagorhir members make Akron Surcoats, eating caramel apple pecan pie, and spending several hours pretending to catch up on laundry while I continue working on Library Kittens. How is your weekend shaping up?


  1. I am sure your niece would love it if that pie made it to the surcoat session :) Gorgeous patterns. I love quite a few of the HAED designs, but I am afraid to commit to something that large. it took years for me to finish the last one!

  2. Congrats on the cute finish Kaelyn. The cats are progressing nicely and love your new stash.


  3. Those designs are great! Your kittens are making good progress!

  4. Great progress on your kittens, and awesome stash haul! I especially like the Guardian Angel one.

  5. Great progress on Library Kitchens. Nice stashquisitions too. I'll never buy one of those huge HAEDs; I prefer having a finish line in sight.