Friday, March 25, 2016

Crafting Attention Deficit Disorder

I've been suffering from CADD (Crafting Attention Deficit Disorder) today. 

It all started yesterday during my work's town hall meeting. I spent the hour and a half meeting doodling in a notebook, coming up with ideas to modify my current garb to look a little cooler. 

So I came home full of ideas today and set up my dress form.

As you can see, the corset that I bought to go with this dress doesn't really work out so well. Oh gee, I guess I'll just have to make myself a new dress, so that I have something to wear with my corset. Shucks. ;)

Then I was distracted by the patches I am attempting to embroider. We've been through three iterations so far. 

I think the last one looks the best but I am considering a slightly different shape to better accommodate the dragon. 

While those were stitching out, I finished up the last few of the blankets for DollsforAlzheimers.

I have a full box now, at least sixteen of these doll sized blankets, so I'll ship them out soon. I was able to reduce my fleece stash from one overflowing bin to about half of a bin.

There are eight pieces of fleece still in here, but I have plans to make crochet edged blankets out of them. The yarn that I have set aside to use is in the bottom of the bin.

But wait, that's not all.

I started to lay out this quilt to be sandwiched. The patches are still stitching away here. They take a while.  

I realized that I needed to iron the backing fabric and piece it together to get a large enough back. But my ironing board is still in my car from making surcoats and sword covers last Saturday.

So I had to clean up my sewing room a bit, or I wouldn't be able to fit the ironing board back where it belongs. 

And that's when I came across these, in one of those "oh, shiny!" moments. These are cut offs from a quilt I've already  put together. 

I have a GREAT idea for what to do with these - a strip quilt!

To finish up a long story, my ironing board is still in my car.

I guess I'd better go get it, I'm going to need it to work on my strip pieced quilt.


  1. You made great work out of all of your projects Kaelyn.


  2. CADD . . . this is a hilarious post!

  3. Brilliant. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Love the idea of the strip quilt. Look forward to seeing the rest of it xx