Sunday, February 28, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching

Wow what a weekend! Friday night was the Nightwish concert. The doors opened at 6:30, Delain played at 7:45, Sonata Arctica at about 8:45, and Nightwish took the stage at 10:00 and played for almost two full hours!!!! Delain was decent, Sonata Arctica I don't like too much but that could have been that the bass was so overwhelming I couldn't really hear anything else.

Floor Jansen is the new vocalist for Nightwish and she was really good. Very talented and could sing everything from Oceanborn songs to Endless Forms Most Beautiful. Her range is unbelievable.

After this concert, Nightwish headed out west for a few weeks and then they're back in Europe, so we probably won't get another chance to see them for a few years.

I wish the photos had been a little bit better but I was trying not to annoy the people behind me too much so I took a few quick shots here and there and kept it to a minimum.

After that late night and a day at Dagorhir Practice, I was ready for some slow stitching.

I watched Justified while stitching on The Ranger.

As of 02/28/16
I made really good progress on it this weekend, almost 1000 stitches between yesterday and today and hope to do some more during the coming week.

I'm linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching@Kathy's Quilts who just started putting together her blocks for Life Is Beautiful.


  1. Wonderful progress Kaelyn. What a pretty design.


  2. Awesome concert pics! After Tarja left I was afraid I'd never get to hear Ghost Love Score live, but Floor sang it when I saw them a few years ago and it was amazing. :)

  3. It seems ypu had a great time :)
    Love your ranger
    Cant wait to see it grow
    That is one on my to do list
    Love love love it
    Maybe after finishing my barn owls :)