Monday, February 15, 2016

Experiments with Fabric

I was playing around with fabric storage pouches for my cross stitch projects.

Previously I had made several like these below. They have only one compartment. I use highlighter to mark off the cross stitch charts and was always worried that the highlighter would transfer at some point, so I kept the charts separate from the project when possible.

Today I made two more. The first was about 12 x 12 and has foam board reinforcement. I found however, that it was too narrow and could only really hold a small project. I did really like having the foam board though, as I think it gives it more support. My subsequent research indicates that I should be using a plastic canvas, similar to needle point canvas, to reinforce bags. The plastic will not fall apart if the bag gets wet. Something to consider in the future.

 The second I made like a tote bag with a flap. It has a boxed bottom, giving me about an inch and a half of depth. It does not have foam board in it and I don't like it as much. I shall have to consider how to make a pouch with both foam board and a boxed bottom.

Both pouches have a divider in the middle, giving me two sections. One for the project and one for the floss and pattern. The first one took approximately four fat quarters of material, including the binding, and the second took six fat quarters but is big enough to hold a large project.

I used all materials from stash, so that gives me approximately 7 yards out this month with the quilt I finished a week or so ago. Since these were just experiments, I pulled fabric that I had no other plans for and didn't worry too much about coordination. They are currently storing a couple cross stitch projects and are tucked away in my bins, but I still need to make a few more, especially for Waiting, my new start, and for the Life is Beautiful blocks.


  1. Pretty pouches! You must have lots of WIPs...

  2. I love those pouches !
    I keep my wips in plastic folders wish i was that creative and patience with the sewingmachine :)
    Everyone has to leave the room when i need to use it because me and the machine dont go that well together :)
    Look forward to see the rest of the pouches
    Have a lovely evening