Friday, February 5, 2016


I made it through my January Stash Ban with flying colors and allowed myself to purchase the fabric for my Life is Beautiful Quilt. Just as well, it took me a month to pick out the fabric that I wanted anyway!

These will make the background for the quilt. I'm thinking color wheel-ish, with the embroidered circles in the center.

The fabric for the embroidery is a soft grey/white-ish color called Parchment from Connecting Threads. It also came in the mail today but there is an unfortunate defect in the dye of the fabric, so I'll have to see about sending it back and getting it replaced.

Now that I've made my purchase, I'm back on a crafty purchase ban until March, at which point I'll probably pick up the fabric and thread for the otter. I think this is a good system - preventing impulse buys by forcing myself to wait a month in between purchases and planning ahead for what I want or need. Last year I attempted to do Stitch from Stash but I always found excuses to break the $25 barrier.  "Oh, but I can't finish this quilt without buying backing material." "It's batting, it doesn't really count." The version I'm currently working with seems to be running much smoother. It's a just flat out NOPE.

I will admit its not easy, especially when I have a rough day at work - you know those days where nothing goes right and you spend all your time compensating for mistakes made? I was soooooo tempted to run to JoAnns for a little Retail Therapy, but I made it home first and was delighted to find my fabric waiting for me.


  1. I place orders with Connecting Threads all the time. Love them! Once in a while there is a problem with a piece of fabric, but not often. And they are VERY good about replacing the piece. Excellent customer service. You can actually call them and get a real person to discuss what can be done.

  2. I have found this works with clothes, shoes, pretties etc too, and it helped me work my way to debt freedom way back when. Congrats on making it through :)