Friday, February 19, 2016

Embroidery Wins

When I got to work today, I looked down and discovered my beloved khaki work pants had a *huge* hole in them. It is about the size of a quarter across and twice as tall.

This is the hazard of wearing cotton clothes in a chemistry lab. One little splash of dilute anything and you get a hole in your clothes as soon as you wash them.

Now the small hole at the top I can sort of get away with, at least until it gets bigger. It is at the bottom of the pants, I wear a lab coat, etc, etc, etc.

The big hole is just a tad bit more noticeable. I decided to experiment with embroidering over the hole. After all, if it didn't work, I still couldn't wear the pants to work. I started with backing the hole with some cutaway stabilizer and some light colored fabric.

I did really want to get the small hole caught up as well but it was too far up the pants to embroider over. The hoop was barely able to work with the big hole.

Here is it, just before the center rose was stitched.

Now roses aren't really my thing, but I needed something work friendly and with complete coverage.

I picked a thread color as close to the pants as possible to keep it subtle.

I also recently digitized a friend's Dagorhir unit symbol, just for kicks. The test stitch came out okay.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with tonight's projects. :)


  1. Your pants look awesome Kaelyn.


  2. What a great job of saving your pants!

  3. Great save on the pants! Don't show anyone . . . they may want you to fix theirs too!!

  4. Wow! There's mending and then there's MENDING! You are amazing.

  5. Love how you saved the pants. You've given me new ideas

  6. Wow you are such a brillant craft lady :)
    Looks great and great for your budget ;)
    Greetings from Holland