Sunday, February 14, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching & MOP Monday

 An embroidery block finish - Life Is Beautiful block #1 is done. 

I'm working on the details for how I am going to set the blocks. The fabric is in the dryer and needs to be ironed and then I should be able to give it a go. 

And a new start - Waiting by Frances (Retired) as published by Tilton Crafts

The stitching UFOs are quickly reaching critical mass, so I have in mind to make several storage envelopes to keep everything together. I'm mulling over a few ideas but expect to see some sewing room results soon.

By the way, I have Quilter Kathy to thank for introducing me to the Life is Beautiful quilt pattern. You should pop over to her blog and see some of the beautiful redwork that she is doing on her blocks. 


  1. Beautiful and peaceful projects! I understand your feeling of having many UFO to keep track of: I am on the same boat! I keep moving them into different storage containers because I think I didn't find the combination that works best for me. Well, one day, maybe! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love your new start Kaelyn. What a beautiful chart.


  3. Oh my... your new stitching project looks like a challenge, but so gorgeous!
    Love your 1st Life is Beautiful! So happy to have company on the journey of this project!
    I haven't done that block pattern yet!

  4. Stunning new start
    Never made anything from stilton
    Still on my wishlist :) well neverending wishlist