Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes/NewFO - May Edition

I've been slacking the last few months with ALYoF but I picked an easy one this month.

I want to quilt and bind Anemone.

For my NewFO, I also would like to cut up this stack of Kona cotton...

And make HST and QSTs for a solids quilts.

These plans may be derailed because of Ragnarok, but I guess we will see! In addition, just a week ago at the Dark Tides Dagorhir event, the campsite was hit with a flash flood and everyone there lost all their camping gear, Dagorhir garb, and weapons/shields/props. Anything they brought with them was destroyed. The Kingdom of Akron will be sending a care package out to help them replace lost equipment and I have volunteered to make basic tunics. Its going to be a busy month!