Thursday, May 15, 2014


First day in a while without pouring rain. I snuck outside under the grumpy cloud cover (its supposed to rain on and off for the rest of the week) and planted my apple tree.

Poor thing has had a rough time of it. I think it came in the mail about three weeks ago and I was really supposed to plant it right away but we kept having storms roll through, with damaging winds. I was worried that it wouldn't have time to root before it was knocked over by the storms. It looks like the worst is passed for now, so I took advantage of Jack being at Midweek Practice to mow the backyard and plant my little tree. I feel like I should name it. I also dug up a couple of bushes that I wanted to get rid of along the fence line. There are at least two more to go in the backyard and then there is all of the ground cover in the front yard I really want gone.

Meanwhile,  this is where I am planning on putting my raised garden.

And if I decide I really like growing my own food, there is a large patch of grass behind the garage that used to be a garden  (it was mostly overgrown when we moved in) that will probably do nicely.

I was initially concerned that the pine needles would cause a problem with the garden but a couple minutes of internet research suggests that they make great fertilizer and mulch.

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