Friday, May 30, 2014

Have a Happy Friday

I haven't made much progress on my frogs the last two weeks. I only had time to work on them twice. But as you can see one of them is very happily finished and is so enthusiastic about his completion that he must restrain himself from shouting with glee.

In other news, my raspberry bushes have all decided to sprout leaves and are really looking quite healthy.

I haven't managed to construct a raised garden for them yet but they seem pretty happy in the pot. I'm hoping that after Ragnarok I will have time. That means I won't get much out of the garden this year but it will be built and ready to go next year.

My honeycrisp apple tree is also coming along nicely. I was worried about it because it looked a little anemic after I planted it but it seems all the rain we've had has done it some good. The leaves have turned from yellow to green and have sprouted everywhere!

While I was waiting for Jack's surgery to get done last week I had a chance to catch up on some reading of free ebooks on raised bed gardening. They were really more like essays, touching on only the most basic of topics but they gave me a decent overview. I just need more time to enact my new-found knowledge!

Have a Happy Friday!

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  1. Your frogs are adorable! I used to love counted cross stitch. Haven't done it in years!