Monday, May 19, 2014

What a Weekend

On Wednesday last week I was invited to a graduation ceremony on Friday night (Congrats on the Vet Tech degree, cousin) and a violin recital on Saturday (way to go, other cousin!).

On Thursday, Jack broke his hand at Midweek practice and we spent the evening in the ER getting it checked out.

Needless to say, although I'm going to say it anyway, it wasn't a very productive weekend.

However, between a little free time on Sunday and after getting the hospital/surgery stuff squared away today (Yep, he's gonna need surgery to get it fixed), I did manage to work on a couple things.

I finished the last ten Ragnarok XXVIII Survival belt flags! All Akronians who attended Ragnarok last year and are not currently in possession of said belt flags(i.e. Mike, Kyle, Scott, Chris, Kalah, Adam, Nikko, Nikko's friend, Manda, and Deb)  may catch up with me at Saturday's practice. I even had the bright idea to put labels on them so I make sure everyone who is supposed to get one actually gets one. Those of you who are out of state may attend Saturday's practice if desired, but it might be easier to catch up with me at Ragnarok or have them mailed.

These were truly an exercise in patience, because something about the zig-zag stitch on my sewing machines makes the thread break constantly, requiring a re-threading every couple of inches.

I also started a tunic for As' friend Zabo, who requested dark blue and gold as his new character is a sorcerer.

I decided to dress it up a little bit with one of those nifty stitches on my sewing machine, so I added a string of stars.

Turns out that with a pair of ambidextrous scissors, Jack can be pretty useful for cutting out sewing stuffs, even with a broken thumb.  Thank you for the help honey!

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