Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sanity Sewing

Yesterday was my annual "I don't want to go to Ragnarok, its too much work" whine-fest. We do this every year about this time as the pressure of getting stuff done to prep for Rag tends to push everything else aside and drive me up a wall with a list about three miles long. Lucky for me Jack knows what to expect and gets through it like a trooper. He took me out for barbecue to cheer me up last night (I mean old school, slow cooked beef brisket, i.e. Real Barbecue).

So that made today a Sanity Preservation Day, which means I did absolutely nothing Rag related.

I worked on my Frogs at lunch (they still need names by the way). I was really scatterbrained last Friday and forgot to take a picture to share then, but here it is a few days late.

And after cooking dinner and restoring some semblence of order to my kitchen, I worked on my Kona Solids Slate Rock Quilt. Which really needs a better name than that, but for now its a working title.

I've finished enough units for a 16 by 24 inch quilt, so I'm really just barely getting started. Taking my time on this one, trying to just relax and enjoy. I'm going to avoid stitching any of the units together until they are all done.

1 comment:

  1. The blue's and greys are gorgeous. Great color choices.

    Larry, Curly and Moe? or Tic Tac and Toe? I'm blanking on things that come in three's...Jack, Janet and Crissy?