Monday, April 28, 2014

WIP Update

First, a Frog Project Update. Froggy number one is completed and Froggy number two is starting to make his presence known.

Next, been working on Jack's cloak. Yes, I know this should be done by now but hey, I've got the main pieces together.

Very nefarious, is it not?

And finally, meet my new robin.

He has decided to build a nest right above my porch light.

Every time anyone steps near the porch he flies out of the nest and over to the Japanese maple next to my neighbors driveway and chirps loudly. I have named him Rhi Bran ah Hud. I will allow him to stay this summer but I think I will have to figure out a bird deterrent before next spring. I do not want him or the baby birds to accidentally fly into the house when I open the front door. 

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