Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Ragnarok Garbing Plans

I know I'm supposed to be settling down into constant garbing but part of the problem is that I still am not sure how to make the skirts/ranger dress that I want.

So I'm getting around that by making a few other items that we want to have along for the trip this year. Last weekend, I made a pair of pants for Jack. I use duckcloth for these, because it is durable. These were a breeze to throw together with my new and awesome serger. One project down! He'll still need at least one more pair to get him through Rag this year but I'd like to make two to be safe. For some reason, we can't locate either pair of black pants, so I'm wondering if they are worn out and trashed.

I'm going to make a shirt like this one, only out of black linen that I found on Ebay for a reasonable price. If he likes it, I will order more linen.

I dug out the pattern tonight, so I just need to get it cut out to get this project rolling.

Also, I have a bolt of black Blizzard fleece, that I will be turning into a cape for Jack. Last year I made myself one out of the brown Blizzard fleece and I was so happy that I did. It rained pretty much all week and the cape wicked away the majority of water, keeping me relatively dry.

So the plan is one of these in black, with a very wide buckle that will pull against the shoulders instead of the neck. I will add trim if I have time.

I also have a stash of broadcloth from last year, which I will be using to experiment with my Period Patterns no 16: Tunic Pattern.

I picked this up last year after struggling with making adequate T-tunics. Yes, I know they are supposed to be the simplest throw-together garb in the book. I've made three attempts at it and each have failed in their own unique ways. The first was way too large, the second much too short, and the third would make a better roman tunic. I managed to turn the third into a decent heraldric tunic that fits me, but that still leaves Jack with no short-sleeved shirts for this summer.

If these fail, they join the other two failures as medieval-ish sleep shirts. Stay tuned to your local news for this developing story, as amateur seamstresses struggle to garb their families for Medieval events!

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