Sunday, April 6, 2014

Slow Stitching Sunday

There hasn't been a lot of sewing going on this week but I haven't been idle either. I've been cleaning and de-junking the house. Yesterday, I was able to put out eight boxes and bags for Purple Heart to pick up.

Yes, I was so geeked to get rid of these things that I had to take a picture of it. I was rather dismayed to see that it had snowed overnight, although fortunately it was just a dusting and it melted very quickly once the sun came up.

The terrible lighting I can blame on the fact that the pictures were taken at 7 am.

During the Great DeJunkng Process I discovered this project.

This cross-stitch project is possibly my oldest UFO ever. I don't know exactly when I started it, except that it was before I moved to Texas in eighth grade. A librarian at Oak Park Public Library had stumbled across a crafting store that was going out of business and acquired a couple boxes worth of cross-stitch projects which she passed along to my mom. This was one of them. That makes the project, at minimum, 16 years old. I think I had plans to finish it and gift it to my grandmother who taught me to cross-stitch. While that opportunity is long passed, I decided to finish it anyway and stuck it next to my TV chair. I've been working on it on and off during this week and am happy to say I've made some good progress. I finished the top flower and started filling in the middle flowers.

This project is kind of nice because it only has about 10 colors, making it a much simpler cross-stitch than the kind I usually find myself working with.

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  1. What a pretty stitchery! I need to dejunk the kids rooms (I did my craft room last year!).... but I keep putting it off. Too overwhelming.