Saturday, August 6, 2016

Slow Stitching Update

My week has been filled with all kinds of things. Overtime at work, general house cleaning, and of course, a new start because look at this beautiful fabric.

This is from Fabrics by LJ, who sells hand-dyed fabrics on Facebook. He only posts what is ready to ship and they are all one offs - first come first serve. This is 32 count linen and I've never worked with anything that small before. I think I may need to get a magnifying glass for this one. It took just about a week to get my fabric after it was ordered and paid for.

The pattern is The Princess and the Dragon by Charting Creations by Nikki Northrup.

Can I just point out here that I love supporting small businesses? The customer service is phenomenal.

I have my eye on a couple other silhouettes from Charting Creations. Honestly, I never would have thought that I liked stitching all the same color of thread for a whole pattern, but Tribal Otter taught me differently. Its very nice not to have to worry about matching colors to symbols.

I'm interested in this one, Imagination Unleashed. I would love to stitch this on a dark fabric with different colors for the scrolls coming out of the book.

I have been working on some older WIPs also. The Fairy Spell got some love this week. There's a little hint of red on the right side and I'm excited to get to something other than blues.

It will be fun to get to the second page of this because it has the little Pegasus (Pegasi?) on it.

Today I have a busy day - painting with the girls, a visit out to Nana's, and out of town visitors. Tomorrow, church, laundry, and hopefully finish an embroidery machine project. Monday is work and my first martial arts class.

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  1. Beautiful fabric and nice progress Kaelyn.


  2. Love the fabric, I'll have to check the shop out. The fairy spell looks amazing :-)

  3. Thanks for the fabric link. The fabric that you bought is beautiful. I have to ask. How to you keep track of the colors of all those threads on The Fairy Spell? I have yet to figure out how to have more than one color going at a time. It is nice to move on to other colors sometimes. I am looking forward to seeing the Pegasus emerge.

  4. You have some great plans for that fabric. Your in progress stitching is beautiful, so complex!

  5. You are working on some beautiful projects. I like to support small businesses too.