Monday, August 22, 2016

A Multi-Project Update

The Dreaded Project is done. Well, honestly, it could use a little more love but I'm afraid I have none to give it. 

 It has progressed to "good enough" and made its way into the donate box.

I have some leftover yarn, so I started a crochet water bottle carrier. This one has alternating popcorn and v-stitch rows and a chain stitched drawstring. It does not have a strap, so I'll have to figure that one out on my own. I'm trying something new with this one - color changes with carrying the yarn instead of cutting and weaving in.

I have also made quite a bit of progress on the Magnificent Wizard.

The colors are much closer to the first picture. I seem to have a lot of trouble getting a good photo of this, so I'll have to play around with it a little more as I have time (haha!). I've had a few people ask about my lighting solution for dark fabrics, so I will share that in a future post.

Library Kittens was gifted to my niece, who oooh'd and ahh'ed over it and told me it was beautiful. She handmade my birthday present. I will also be sharing that soon, as well as the many many projects I need to do this week for the Dagorhir Event we are running on Saturday.

I'm off to my newest hobby, Modern Arnis. I have class two nights a week and I'm really enjoying it. Happy Stitching All!


  1. Lovely projects and great finish Kaelyn.


  2. Great finish. just remember finished is better than perfect and even if you don't love something, someone else will. Loving how the cross stitch is coming alomg

  3. So glad to hear that Library Kittens has been well received! I have Magnificent Wizard in my stash so I'll look out for your tip on stitching on black fabric!
    I think your dreaded project looks lovely and I'm sure it will find a new home soon.