Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Repurposing Quilt Blocks

Anyone remember this quilt? Designed probably four or so years ago?

I actually did start it, finishing two blocks out of thirty and cutting out pieces for quite a few more.

And then it languished in my closet for a few years and I never did feel like getting back to it.

I decided that it was an abandoned project and cut my losses. The two completed blocks became a lined zipper pouch and I am now storing a cross stitch project in it.


I have a stack of squares that were cut out that I will now need to find something to do with them. I'm sure I can manage :)


  1. Great idea. Lookin' good too. :)

  2. Great quilt. It's a pity you never finished it. I'm glad you've found a use for what you've done so far xx