Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Project that Won't Go Away

Ever have one of those projects that you can't wait to complete, but not because you're enjoying it anymore?

This shawl is one of those.

It started out innocently enough and then, disaster. Look at how uneven it is! I lost those extra stitches at the end of the rows that make everything all nice and shawl-like. I attempted to block it, but the material just wasn't there.

I had abandoned this for a few months out of frustration but now I'm back at it in an attempt to clean it up and get'r'done.

Now here it is, with one side filled in, completed while I watched the Olympics.

We're on the verge of something mostly shawl-shaped, so I plan on filling in the other side and then using whatever yarn I have left to crochet a border type thingy. After that, its off to the donate box for this shawl and I sincerely hope someone loves it like I can't.

In other, more exciting news, I've finished Library Kittens and set it up for the bell pull hanging.

I sent a picture to my niece for final approval and I received an enthusiastic "i LUV IT!!!!" in response. I will bequeath it to her next time I see her.

I also redid Jack's green hood from Ragnarok this year. He picked it up after the heat was bad and it was one of the few remaining. This thing had a bright white trim on it that looked well... I thought it looked awful. He didn't mind it so much but it made me wince every time I looked at it. Arguing successfully that a ranger in the woods would never wear bright white, he let me take off the trim and add some embroidery.

I was really glad I did, because even though it had only been worn a few times, the white was very dingy and dirty - definitely not combat friendly. I like the new improved version better!

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  1. I happen to agree on the white border. Looks great :)