Sunday, August 7, 2016


Wouldn't this make an amazing quilt?

Last week while in downtown Detroit with some coworkers for a work lunch, we wandered through the Compuware Building and this is the sculpture that takes up the large open area in the center of the building. There is also water fall behind it. I did the touristy thing and took photos while my coworkers captured Pokemon.

I've started playing around with this in EQ7 and have a pattern.

The pattern initially had a Y seam but I was able to modify it so that it didn't.

It loses the stacked 3D effect but still came out pretty neat. An idea to save for later.


  1. Wow that's very clever. It would make a stunning quilt for sure!

  2. THat'll make a stunning quilt. You never know, with the right fabric the 3D effect may be there once it's made up xx