Saturday, July 30, 2016

Just One July Finish

I have a second cross stitch finish for this month! I have completed Library Kittens.
"Curiosity" a kit by Janlynn
I have washed it and conspired with my niece on how to finish the project. She has chosen to have it displayed using bell pull hardware instead of a frame, so I ordered this set from Nordic Needle.

I did wash the project and am having a little trouble with bleeding dyes from the reds around the border. I've soaked it again and I'm hoping that most of it came out. I'm not surprised, because the kit was older. 

My table runner is also completed and is brightening up my dining room table.

I suppose now that the dining room table is cleared off, I have an excuse to keep it clean? 


  1. Hurray! I'm so pleased for you that you have this one finished and I love the bell pull ends you've chosen to display it.
    You must stitch really quickly!
    Your table runner is beautiful.

  2. Congrats on the awesome finishes Kaelyn.


  3. Your needlepoint is beautiful! I imagine you hand washed, right? If so, I wonder if you could put a piece of color catcher in the wash water to catch any bleed from the floss? Worth a try next time maybe.

  4. The kittens are going to look wonderful on those hangers! :)