Sunday, July 17, 2016

Crochet Lessons

I had plans to spend yesterday with my younger cousin and give her a crochet lesson, so I picked up a set of ergonomic crochet hooks for her.

The hooks were nice but the case that they came in was lacking, starting with the Engrish on the cover.

 "Takes a walk in the zoo is the proper matter." I haven't figured out what they were trying to say yet, but I'm sure it was translated using a website.

When I put the hooks in the case, they didn't fit very well in the elastic bands and it was very hard to get the case closed and snapped. I finally decided just to make her a new case.

Not too bad for working without a pattern. Next time I make one, I think I'll put interfacing in to keep it from shifting and make it look nicer. However, this one did exactly what I needed it to, and my cousin was thrilled with it. 

I had invited my niece along also and she came over and even participated in the crochet lesson, which I wasn't expecting because she normally has little interest in crafty pursuits. I taught them to chain and single crochet. They both went home with yarn and hooks and I promised my niece her own set of hooks and carrying case. Heck, I think I'll make one for myself while I'm at it. Next time, we'll cover double and triple crochet stitches and once they have those down we can talk about gauge, reading patterns, and stitch combinations. 

Today will be church in the morning and some Slow Sunday Stitching in the afternoon. I hope you have a relaxing Sunday.

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