Friday, July 1, 2016


Being back from vacation is no fun at all. I have  (a) a broken computer, (b) a car that needs repairs, (c) an oven that I can't use because it doesn't want to turn off after I turn it on, (d) the camping things still need to be cleaned up, (e) I think I'm on my last pair of clean underwear, (f) I cannot locate my rotary cutter to save my life, (g) a yard with two weeks worth of weeds that are managing to grow even though everything else is dead due to drought, (h) this list could go on forever but I won't bore you with more reasons why I'm stressed out.

I stumbled across this rather accurate comic strip the other day and it is particularly relevant now.

By AnemoneLost. Shared under the following Creative Commons License per the author. 
Only instead of Netflix, I'm throwing myself into a variety of craft projects in a sad attempt to bring some order and sanity into my life. Or at least a little bit of fun. I think part of the problem is that I naturally relax by being alone and doing my own little things but living with 30 other people while camping for a week is like social time in overdrive and I haven't had two minutes to sit down and recover yet.

(I apologize in advance for the lousy photos - my photo editing software is on the computer that is no longer working.)

I managed to hide in my sewing room on Wednesday while Jack was catching a movie with a Dagorhir buddy who was in town. Last night I had to go to an after work appointment and didn't get home until almost 8 pm. So today I took a nap, drank a coffee brought to me by my wonderful husband, and have been diligently avoiding human interaction ever since I got home by way of chain piecing a quilt coupled with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on audiobook. Headphones for the win.

Dresden Plates In Progress
I did finally receive my hand dyed fabrics that I ordered in mid May and was more than a little disappointed to see that the colors were no where near as vivid as they were pictured on the website. A little homework and advice seeking turned up the fact that aida cloth dyes much lighter than an evenweave, which is lighter than a linen, so if I want vibrant colors I will have to purchase a different type of fabric.

Regardless, its still prettier than plain white aida, so I started one of the kits. This is the beginning of Frog Pile by Design Works.

I've yet to decide whether to join Justine in Just One July for this month, but I suppose I'm out of time to make up my mind. I think that I could probably finish either my otter or the Library Kitten project if I did. I'll make the decision tomorrow. The idea of finishing a project is quite appealing.

May you have a happy and blessed Fourth of July.


  1. "I naturally relax by being alone and doing my own little things: <---- Yes. So much yes.

    Getting a little crafty time makes all the other stuff bearable. :)

  2. We all need time alone to relax and de-stress. Your to do list can wait.
    Why don't you join us for Just One July - reduce the mental clutter by focusing on one project?

  3. You get me!! If I can find your email address on here I'm going to send you an image I think you'll love.

  4. Oh my gosh we could be two peas in a pod. I love being by myself ( except for my husband, he leaves me alone). I get so much more accomplished and I relax. Your comic made so much sense to me. It is perfect.
    Don't stress yourself, stitching is suppose to be fun and relaxing. I don't think I could ever only work on one project. I know some people that only work on one thing till it is done, but I would never get anything finished. I have to work on lots. then all of a sudden I have lots finished.
    Kathleen Mary

  5. Great start Kaelyn. I love the fabric your using.


  6. I am the same way, need alone time to recharge. Anyway, Belfast linen takes dye wonderfully. On of the reasons it's my favorite fabric. Belfast dyes darker than cashel, in my experience.