Sunday, July 24, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching

Aside from racing to get my seasonal Diablo III character through all five Acts before the end of the season, I have been working furiously on a couple projects this week. The first is a table runner made from leftover blocks of my rainbow Dresden Plate quilt. 

I am doing matchstick quilting on this, a dense time consuming pattern that is actually quite easy. The bonus is that the lines don't have to be straight or a set distance apart. I'm stitching them in colors that match the block fabric at an angle. My sewing machine was fighting me on this and I eventually figured out how to adjust the bobbin tension. Its not perfect but its good enough.

I stayed home from practice yesterday and attempted to get some garb and laundry done. I did succeed in taking the awful white trim off the green hood that Jack picked up at Ragnarok, but that is as far as it went because I was really interested in finishing the Library Kittens cross stitch project. I'm estimating this at about 94% complete. Wheeeeeee!!!

I was attempting to finish it yesterday but I lost about four hours when I took a nap and woke up disoriented and confused. It took a few hours and a meal for my brain to reengage. I guess long naps on Saturdays are a bad idea. So in addition to the laundry and things, this will be my Sunday post church project.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean when a nap is too long and you wake up disoriented instead of refreshed.
    Hope you enjoy some slow stitching with the kittens today!

  2. What fun projects you are working on. Love the library kitties and look forward to seeing it all completed.

  3. Gorgeous cross stitch pattern Happy slow sunday stitching!

  4. Awesome progress Kaelyn.


  5. L e the colours and pattern in your quilt and you're nearly there with your kitty stitching!

  6. The library kittens are looking great. Can't wait to see the finish. I love what you did with those quilt scraps. The quilting looks good.

  7. Woohoo not long now until library kittens are finished! Can't wait to see it off the qsnaps.
    I don't understand any of the quilting lingo but that pattern is stunning.

  8. I am glad you are finding the quilting easy. Cannot wait to see the library picture finished. Kathleen Mary