Wednesday, August 5, 2015

This and That

I've been playing around with online framing companies, thanks to the recommendation of one of my readers (OhSewCrafty is working on some gorgeous Joan Elliot projects.)

This is what I am leaning towards for framing.

I did want lavender but the framing company doesn't offer the shade I was interested in. Purple seems to be a hard color to come by, but mauve and dusty rose are prevalent. I played with a few other combinations with dark frames or darker mats but the one above is my favorite so far.

Minimal craftyness going on at home. I'm still spending a lot of time cleaning up the house and throwing things away or setting them aside to donate. The hardest thing so far was paring down my stash.

These three boxes contain about a third of my stash. I *hate* the idea of just donating them because this is all very useful fabric, so they will be going to my church's sewing group. I am finally willing to give it up because I realize that I don't like most of the fabrics (florals, paisleys, novelty, and 30's reproductions.) I'm not even sure where they came from, but away they shall go, and I know they will get used where they are going.

I have found a little time to work on a couple quilts (a block here and there) and last weekend I had some solid stitchy time in between loads of laundry, so I expect that there will be some good updates coming along soon.

I really want to start a Dresden plate quilt and have set aside all the material for it (100% from stash!) so who knows how long I'll be able to put off a NewFO. There is always something new to try :)

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  1. Lovely framing choice :-) Oh, yes, it's always hard to de-stash. I'm sure your church group will love and appreciate the fabric. Looking forward to seeing your new projects!